Why Roofline?

Roofline Anaysis ScreenA smart solar system starts with a free, robust roofline analysis.

Roofline Solar uses some of the industry’s most powerful solar software, on-site drone inspections, and electricity analysis to fit the right solar system to your roofline. Send us an electric bill to get started today and we will reply with a full quote complete with monthly production estimates.

Solar Panels pay you back!Roofline Graph consumption and production

Producing your own electricity costs about the same or less than what the power company leases to you. By making the change with us, you’ll stand to save thousands over the coming years. As an added benefit, Roofline Solar will structure your solar in a way that helps if you sell your home!

Roofline Solar Battery Backup and ChargingAdd battery backup and electric car charging ports!

Thinking ahead may help you avoid power outages or charge an electric car! These add-ons can provide additional savings and convenience for homeowners that use more electricity at night versus day or have or plan to install electric vehicle recharging stations.

Power your home, the grid and get credit for extra kilowatts.How Roofline Solar Works

Roofline Solar will handle the interconnection agreement with your electricity distributor. To save you even more, we seek out net metering partners that give you credit for overproduction. However, if you want to go completely off the grid, Roofline Solar can help cut that cord too.